Corporate Services Year End Function

Corporate Services had a year-end function celebrated on Thursday the 15th of December 2016 at the Imperial Hotel in Pietermaritzburg.

Mr Phiweyo Duma, the Chief Director for Corporate Services expressed his utmost appreciation to all management and officials within the branch for their commitment and dedication which has registered a number of pockets of achievements despite the challenges encountered during the 2016/2017 financial year.

Amongst a list of achievements highlighted as confirmed by Mr Duma in his key delivery address were the following:

  • The successful relocation of the entire branch from the Fedsure House building at church Street, CBD in Pietermartizburg to the renovated Head Office building at 191 Prince Alfred Street;
  • The placement of directorates, sub-directorates and individual official/s to new office and floor locations;
  • A reasonable increase in the budget allocation for the in-service training, bursary and internship programme for the 2017/2018 financial year;
  • A considerable amount of Employee Performance Management Development System (EPMDS) achievements by officials within the branch, which is indicative of positive service delivery direction;
  • The smooth completion process of ‘matching-and-placing’ of personnel in respect of the newly approved departmental/organisational structure which is due for implementation in the new financial year and beyond; and
  • Positive reflection of an Internal Audit Report by Auditor General taking into account a few challenges that would require collective attention and re-adjustments.

It must be mentioned that the Directors from Corporate Services also had a fair share of their successes and shortfalls they encountered during the 2016/2017 financial year. It is equally commendable that these issues be continuously raised at such occasions and gatherings where no individual employee would feel side-lined in respect of understanding the status quo of his/ her core business on responsibility, accountability, transformation, transparency within the workplace.

A caring employer will always remain committed to serve as a true leader. This was supplemented as part of the day’s programme when an opportune time availed to highlight a few precautionary festive safety advisories or warnings to all who attendees. Emphasis was more on budget tips during festive spending mood, careless behaviour during the festivities, healthy living with families and friends, safe driving for all those that were to travel during the holidays, positive engagements within various denomination events during the Christmas holidays.

The last part of the programme focused on the certificates award ceremony where officials were awarded with certificates of recognition. The awards were linked to the momentum of the Christmas party Categories. The best nominated officials were awarded with the certificates.

Public Works Employees showing off their certificates

While employees in any organisation certainly appreciate monetary reward for a job well done, many still seek recognition for the hard work done. It is evident that such systems encourage individual employee efforts towards business goals, they directly and indirectly tend to reward underperforming employees along with average and above average performances. A reward programme of this nature varies from recognising individual to team performance within an organisation. Corporate Services thought it befitting to award the following category of certificates with each award reflecting its value and impact towards the recipient:

  • Early Bird Award - Always come early at work
  • Duck Take Award - For being able to fix just about anything
  • Casual Friday Award - Every day is casual Friday for you
  • The Seinfield Award - For making something out of nothing
  • Music Award - For most likely to break into music
  • Little Ms/Mr Sunshine Award - For the brightest smile
  • Kool and the Gang Award - For excellent in group work
  • Foot-in- Mouth Award - Always saying the wrong thing at the wrong time
  • Winipedia Awards - Always have an answer to every question whenever it is right or wrong.

One must indicate that this is just the beginning. It is a story to be told. There is a story to tell in 2017.

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