A warm welcome from Public Works

On Friday the 5th of May 2017, the Department of Public Works welcomed 24 students from the University of KwaZulu-Natal to the Human Resource Development’s external bursary programme. A total of 35 students have been enrolled into this programme for the year 2017. The programme thrives to equip students with scarce skills in Architecture, Quantity Surveying, Engineering, Construction Project Management and Property Development. The skills form a crucial part of Public Works’ mandate towards servicing the community and government stakeholders.

Mr Phiweyo Duma, the Department’s Chief Director for Corporate Services, welcomed the new students full of excitement. Accompanying Mr Duma at this exclusive gathering was Mr Glen Sithole, the Director for Human Resource Management and Ms Carol Stuart-William who is the Deputy Director for Human Resource Development. Students were explicitly briefed on the details of the bursary programme. The briefing included the contractual obligations by the department as well as the expectations from the Department and the students once they have completed their studies. A ‘question-and-answer’ session was conducted after the presentations were concluded.

Above: Thumbs up from the Jubilant Public Works bursary students

The department has successfully placed a significant number of students into the bursary programme. The process to recruit students in all spheres of South Africa continues. Various recruitment platforms such as print advertisements, school visitations, career expos, outreach to War Rooms in municipalities, during provincial and departmental outreach campaigns are used to reach as many young people possible. In essence the bursary programme is echoed in every available platform where the Human Resource practitioners advice potential candidates to consider taking studies towards professional and construction fields such as Architecture, Quality Surveying, Engineering, Construction Project Management and Property Development.

Public Works Management with some of the female students (above left) and male students (above right) enrolled in the bursary programme

Public Works Management with some of the female students (above left) and male students (above right) enrolled in the bursary programme

The programme offers full tuition as well as residence fees. It also covers the payment for prescribed books and other educational needs. On completion of their respective studies, students are enrolled into the Department’s Internship Programme, where after they are allocated mentors who will assist them throughout the programme until they receive accreditation to be professionals in their desired skills. The department walks the full journey with all the students that are on Internship Programme to ensure their full success.

As part an induction into the programme, the management had an opportunity to offer words of wisdom to the students during the gathering. According to Mr Duma, they should not lose sight of the common goal, which is for them to pass and qualify as professionals. He further stressed that they should begin to cast away all forms of selfishness, pride, materialism and prejudice because such elements will not take them very far in life. Mr Sithole emphasized the importance of humility and good work ethics during this important time of their lives.

The students were jubilant and very excited about the bursaries and the fact that they were guaranteed immediate employment after their studies. There are many success stories of previous students who were part of this programme, many of which have been able to feed their families, build homes for their parents and become role models in their respective communities. The Bursary and Internship Programme has brought about a world of change in every student that has been granted the opportunity to education. This programme depicts the very mandate of government to empower and develop the youth, in order that they influence the environment around them and bring change in South Africa for the better.

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