MEC Pillay Attends To Umlazi Community Concerns

In mid – July MEC Ravi Pillay visited Zandile Junior Primary School and the old Umlazi Bakery in W Section, as a part of Operation Sukuma Sakhe. Zandile J.P School assists the Section N clinic in accommodating patients, as the clinic lacks the capacity to handle the volume of people that require primary medical care. Mr Pillay applauded the clinic and its staff on a job well done with the remark “I will inform MEC Dhlomo on the great service you are providing”.

The community is using the bakery as short-term accommodation due to a lack of housing in the area. The MEC was there with the focus of assisting the community in serious need and observing the implementation of Operation Sukuma Sakhe (OSS). The main objective of Operation Sukuma Sakhe is to identify and address service delivery barriers and up with speedy interventions.

(Left) Mr Muziwenyanga Dladla Ward 82 Councillor and MEC Ravi Pillay.

Umlazi Bakery operates as a multifunctional facility that provides shelter. It is also a place of sports and recreation where community members participate in karate. The community also uses the facility to hold funerals.

There are about sixteen families living in the Bakery. The facility is not conducive to accommodate people because there are no lockable doors and the windows are broken.

As the programme unfolded, the MEC moved to Menzi Sports Ground in N section. MEC Pillay listened attentively to the community’s critical issues. Some of the concerns raised were challenges facing the youth not finding jobs, elderly people requesting wheel chairs, drug users disturbing the peace and the youth abusing elderly people. The community also raised issues about collapsing RDP houses that were built previously in 1994. Mr Pillay acknowledged the issues and indicated he would investigate all the concerns. He encouraged the community to participate in making an active change as a ward.

Umlazi community listening attentively to the MECS address

As the day concluded, it can be safely stated that engaging residents through Operation Sukuma Sakhe has become increasingly popular. OSS is a great way to inform the community of ways of standing together and assisting one another. The programmes offered are a great tool for the province in bringing socio-economic transformation. Let us all SUKAMA SAKHE!

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