MEC Pillay on Harry Gwala School Visits

As schools re-opened for the third quarter MEC for Human Settlements and Public Works Ravi Pillay joined other MPLs in the Harry Gwala District Municipality to monitor progress since their last visit.

MEC Ravi MPL encouraging young Ms Thandeka Majozi, a grade 9 learner from Kwamvimbela Secondary School.

The delegation headed by Ms Vuyelwa Tambo comprised members of the Legislature, government and municipal officials and other stakeholders.

KwaMvimbela, Botlokoa Secondary School and Tshaka Junior Primary School were visited. The aim of the schools functionality programme was to monitor the schools progress in respect of learner education, infrastructure development and related issues. In addition, the visit assessed the state of readiness of the schools for exams, especially the Matric Class of 2017 who will be sitting for examinations in less than 100 days.

In his address, MEC Pillay noted the progress since the first visit in January. One of the highlights at KwaMvimbela was the procurement of the Jojo tanks as it is a water scarce region. The MEC encouraged hard work and discipline to build a successful educational system.

MEC Ravi Pillay addressing stakeholders

“From the parents, teachers and learners working hand in glove, a lot has been done,” said MEC Pillay. It must be noted that the school management have made several changes for the better. The pregnancy rate and substance abuse has dropped drastically in the three schools. In addition, the pass rate in the quarterly and half year exams has improved.

Left to right: MEC Ravi Pillay MPL, Mrs Vuyelwa Tambo MPL and Mr. Amon Zondi MPL

Despite the improvements observed, there are other challenges, which require further attention. MEC Pillay and the delegation made a commitment to relook at infrastructure concerns in particular.

Principals of all the schools visited by the delegation were grateful for the intervention of the provincial government and in particular the Department of Public Works. By all accounts, the schools functionality programme is instrumental in ensuring that our children have a brighter future.

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