It’s Doeks On For The Women At Public Works, August 2017

South Africa celebrates Women's Month in August as a tribute to the Women's March in 1956. This is when women of all races staged a march on the Union Buildings in protest against the proposed amendments to the Urban Areas Act known as the “Pass Laws”. Currently we draw attention to significant issues in South Africa that women face such as parenting, inequality and domestic violence.

Dancing and ululating at the Women's Day celebration

On 18 August 2017, the Department of Public Works Head Office celebrated Women's Day in style. All the women were wearing a doek as a symbol of strength and beauty. There were various speakers who spoke about women's health and issues facing women. Dr V. Radebe was invited to educate women about the diseases that can affect them such as cervical cancer and sexually transmitted diseases. The women asked several questions about their health which Dr Radebe gladly answered.

The women listening attentively to speakers

The women listening attentively to speakers

Also present was Ms L. Zuma who is a clinical consultant who educated the women about how to take care of their skin. She also brought sample products to further elaborate these crucial points. The guest speaker of the day was Ms M.J Khumalo, who is the Chief Director: Strategic Human Resource Management at the Office of the Premier. She spoke about a purpose driven life and how each of the women needed to live in the moment. She also encouraged the women to do everything with excellence not just in the working environment but also in their personal lives. The programme also had a few speakers from the Department of Public Works. Mr P.W Duma: Chief Director: Corporate Services also shared some insightful information with the women. A key point that resonated with the women was his stress on mentorship. He encouraged the women to exercise the spirit of mentoring other women, whether it be in the working environment or the personal space.

Stylish and colourful doeks worn by the women at the celebration

The day was joyful, with much dancing, singing and ululating from the ladies. The women were deeply moved by all that was presented to them. They were also challenged to bring change in all spheres of their lives where they have influence and they were encouraged to live better and not to allow themselves to be victims of any form of abuse. After the event, the women enjoyed lunch at a local restaurant, where they could not stop talking about the beautiful event that had taken place. The Department of Public Works organised a brilliant event, which empowered all the women present.

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