Training of Public Servants 'advances' service delivery

It is back to basics. Public Works' Human Resource Utilisation and Capacity unit has once more embarked on an extensive personnel training programme that will ensure 'customer care', 'service delivery' and 'good governance' remain encultured and entrenched within employees of all ranks. The “Writing Skills' course is offered by the Office of the Premier and coordinated by the KZN Provincial Public Service Training Academy to nominated employees in the Public Service. Ms Pumza P.P. Tuswa, a knowledgeable training consultant, facilitated the three-day course (from 22 to 24 August 2017), which outlined the following modules: “Communication and Grammar Concepts”, “Punctuation and Spelling”, “Sentence Construction and Business Writing” including practical individual, groups and class case studies.

Above: Mrs Pumza Tuswa, the training facilitator (front row in the centre) with the officials who attended the course

13 officials attended the training which among were Queen Mthanti and Zandile Selepe, both serving as 'elementary employees' commonly known as 'general workers' who are at level 2 within UMgungundlovu District. It is indicative that their supervisors offered them the opportunity for development. One must appreciate typical managers who deem it befitting for sub-ordinates to develop and realise career progress. In addition, the Human Resource Utilisation and Capacity unit, as the training coordinator, formed part of this achievement in the process. Concisely, these are the results of teamwork. Now is the right time for management to receive the credit it deserves. Training and retraining of personnel in the Public Service, particularly Public Works has gained ground in recent years. A good example is that of Umkhanyakude Sub-District Office in the North Coast region that has registered similar evidence during 2010 and 2014 in training 'elementary employees' with success. This is the good work of Ms Philile Mbuyisa, who is currently serving as District Director for Umkhanyakude. Well done and we may take a cue from you.

It is therefore clear and appreciative that Corporate Services is achieving on its mission to the development of an innovative management system with the modernization of education for the public sector workforce. The benefit is that the supervisor and supervisee are given the opportunity for personal growth, which translates into job satisfaction. This model of training encourages changes in the personnel management and development. It can better help overcome resistance to change and create a balance between traditional needs for specific education on the one hand and innovative employee development trends on the other. The change in the way employees are trained would help increase the efficiency of the transformation in public sector organizations. This would enable to meet the expectations of new employees and more importantly would allow for a creation of a modern adaptive administrative practice, on the other hand permanent (non-radical) changes in public institutions to ensure operational stability. It is with hope that other components of the department will follow the trend.

Front Row: Queen Mthanti (second from the right) in action as she displayed the “COCONUT” activity learned during the course

In conclusion, we have to appreciate the overall support provided by the facilitators. In the case of Ms Pumza Tuswa, she displayed her training expertise and qualities quite profoundly. She managed to lead the course through a well-designed programme, understanding the group dynamics and this has made a huge and varied contribution.

The future prospects of the Department of Public Works remains the embodiment of our collective experience, adaptability and reach. We need to begin to establish deep networks that will be vital and far-reaching. Our focus should be clear while we deliver satisfactory results. The relationships and collaborations between teams and amongst individuals are fundamental for Public Works as “an employer of choice”.

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