Southern Region projects: New School - New Trees

On 7 September 2017, the Department of Public Works in partnership with Wildlands Conversation Trust celebrated Arbor Week by planting 30 indigenous trees at a new school in eNdaleni, Richmond. Arbor Day is very important in South Africa because it promotes tree planting as a heritage initiative. It also teaches learners in schools the importance of planting, as trees not only provide oxygen and shade they also provide ornamental beauty, economic benefits, pharmaceutical products and fruit.

Employees from Department of Public Works, Department of Education, Wildlands Conservation Trust, EPWP, professional project consultants and building contractors give a thumbs up to Arbor Week as they plant 30 new trees

The new school to be named Mzwandile Mbongwa High School will open its gates to learners in 2018. The name was provided by the community because they felt it fit to name the school after the late Mzwandile Mbongwa who was an inspirational leader, who was brutally murdered. The involvement of the community in the naming of the school has brought much fulfilment to the community of Richmond. Since the project of building the school has started the community has been very helpful. There also have been no cases of vandalism or theft which shows a united front. The school provides state of art classrooms and revolutionary architecture which is not typical of the schools built in the apartheid times.

Some of the great work that has been done to the school.

Some of the great work that has been done to the school.

This project was initiated by the Southern Region Public Works in partnership with the Department of Education. This has brought much change in the eNdaleni Community as many youth have been employed from the community as a part of the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP). Once the programme has been completed the youth employed will receive certificates of service from the contractor. This has been a useful aid for the youth to learn skills and be exposed to real work. Wildlands Conversation Trust has also promised to provide more trees to the school in the future. This will once again encourage learners to take responsibility for the environment around them and to value the importance of indigenous trees.

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