Southern Region Heritage day: "Accommodating Ubuntu"

On 29 September 2017, the Department of Public Works Southern Region joined the rest of the nation in commemorating Heritage Day. The intensity of the excitement from staff was noticeable, as they started singing and dancing long before the event commenced. Everyone was beautifully dressed in his or her cultures while others adopted different cultures for the day.

The programme director Mrs Majola led the event with such poise. She encouraged staff to sing and make the event personal because it was about them. Mr Chakana welcomed all of the guests and spoke with conviction about how each one had to “pride themselves in their differences” as well as staying united in the diversities that each one possesses. He stressed that Heritage Day is celebrated only once a year and that this is the one moment that we use to cherish our differences, which should be tied together with “accommodating Ubuntu”. The spirit of Ubuntu was evident on the day, as all present respected each other.

Speakers presented about different cultures that exist in South Africa. Mrs Dewduth spoke so elegantly about the different types of South African Indian cultures. She elaborated about Indian clothing and the elements that intertwine in an Indian outfit as well as the traditions that exist in Indian culture. This was very insightful and cultivating.

There was Bollywood and Zulu dancing as well as beautiful poetry done by staff. The event was concluded by the choosing of the best-dressed male and female. This was a hard decision for the judges as all present were dressed so elegantly. The day was a united celebration, which made all present hopeful of how far we have come as a nation.

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