HRM Indaba – 'Moving Towards A Model Of Excellence'

Public Works’ Human Resource Management Directorate hosted the HRM Indaba on Monday, 02 October 2017 at its Head Office Auditorium. This ‘one-of-a- kind’ Indaba was fruitful and momentous as it provided the HRM personnel the platform to deliberate on the challenges they face and identify resolutions as a way forward.

Mr Phiweyo Duma, the Chief Director for Corporate Services graced the session. In his opening remarks, he extended his appreciation to Mr Glen Sithole and his team for organising the Indaba. He said, “HRM is next to my heart because HR people are handling a very important resource; which is a human being”. He encouraged the officials to practice the core values of Integrity, Respect, Customer focus, Competence and Team Spirit.

The Department’s HRM practionioners from across the province assembled with an aim to tackle the following issues:

  • HRM engagements with its customers, audit queries and findings, inconsistent implementation of HR prescripts;
  • Development of strategies to improve performance;
  • Need for a SWOT analysis in order to create a basis for desired change;
  • Operational challenges and problems within HR units in particular and overall impact to inefficiency;
  • Determination of the HRM role in respect to Strategic Partner, Change Agent, Employee Champion and Administrative Expert;
  • Alignment of functions and standardisation of prescripts and possible turnaround strategies;
  • Development of an action plan for the resolutions.

In his introductory and overview remarks, Mr Glen Sithole, the Director HRM, reiterated that the White Paper on HRM states that, “HRM in the Public Service should become a model of excellence, in which service to society stems from individual commitment instead of compulsion”. He further said, “The management of people should be regarded as a significant task for those who have been charged with the responsibility and should be conducted in professional manner”.

The session broke into four (4) teams to discuss the role of HRM with key topics on Strategic Partner, Change Agent, Employee Champion and Administrative Expert. Teams had to present reports with valuable inputs to the presentations. The Indaba will eventually contribute positively to the service delivery mandate since HRM plays a strategic role in managing people, culture and environment.

Towards the end of the session, Mr Sithole urged the officials to use the information they received on this day to improve themselves. He also advised that they consider taking their work serious and be passionate about it.

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