Corporate Services Getting Ready For Departmental Mid-Term Review

The Chief Directorate Corporate Services spent the entire day at the Auditorium on 11 October 2017 preparing for the Departmental 2017/18 Mid-Term Review to be held at the end of October 2017.

Good Strategies, Good Results: Officials who attended the Corporate Services Pre- Midterm Review Workshop at KZN Works Public Works Head Office

In what was dubbed the Pre Medium-Term Review, Chief Director responsible for Corporate Services, Mr Phiweyo Duma said the purpose of the gathering was to identify gaps on reports to be presented at the main Departmental Mid-Term with a view of making corrective measures.

During the process, each Directorate reporting to Corporate Services made a presentation reflecting on the Key Result Area, Annual Targets, and Targets for Mid-Term Review- including the Achievements, Reasons for Deviation and Corrective Measures.

Challenges were identified per each Directorate presented and remedial steps were provided as a support mechanism. While the process took longer that it was expected, officials who attended the session provided valuable inputs that will assist in putting a consolidated Chief Directorate: Corporate Services report for presentation during the Departmental Mid-Term Review.

What became evident during the session was the cordial manner in which officials interrogated presentations and honesty in criticising some aspects of the reports constructively with a view of adding value in achieving the purpose of the gathering. The Chief Director: Corporate Services made it easier for the presenters and officials to be as open and engaging as possible by maintaining a light-hearted atmosphere.

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