Southern Region team gets their hands dirty at the Shonaphansi site visits

On 17 October 2017, the Department of Public works set out to promote good governance with the emphasis on anti-corruption and ethics by visiting various projects across KwaZulu-Natal as a part of the programme Shonaphansi.

Mrs Linda, DDG; Ms Jiji; project manager and Mr Mamba; site manger getting their hands dirty on the site visits

The mandate of Shonaphansi involves an intensive deployment of SMS members and personnel to undertake on tasks at the coalface of service delivery.

Mrs Sindi Linda was the Champion Leader for the Southern region. She led a comprehensive team, which involved several willing individuals to visit projects, and check files for any discrepancies.

Some of the teams at the Southern Regional Office checking files.

One of the sites visited was a new school in Richmond, which is set to open its gates to learners in 2018. The project has created employment opportunities and skills transfer to local community members, inclusive of youth and women. The works of the school include walkways connecting all classrooms, a paved assembly area, a car park area, water tanks and stands, sport fields, retaining walls, perimeter fencing, entrance wall and gate. The team that visited this site were pleased with the good work.

Teams checked files and visited other sites across Ugu and Harry Gwala district. This was an altogether fruitful exercise as it promoted transparency in the work that the Department does.

Message from the MEC
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