KZN Public Works Immovable Assets Management hosts National GITC Meeting

KZN Public Works Immovable Assets Management Chief Directorate hosted a successful National GIAMA Implementation Technical Committee (GITC) Meeting at Drakensberg on 6 & 7 June 2018. The GITC convened by National Public Works rotates amongst all provinces to discuss issues related to State assets.

This Committee (GITC) deals with technical property management and policy issues while coordinating and mapping the way forward towards the full implementation of GIAMA. The GIAMA Act provides for a uniform framework for the management of government an immovable assets that are held or used by a national or provincial departments in order to ensure the coordination of its use with the service delivery objectives of the national or provincial department.

Ms XoliNtanzi, Director Provincial Information at KZN Public Works: Immovable Assets Management


Mr Ronny Mosalo, Chief Director: Immovable Assets Management from National Department of Public Works


KZN Public Works has always been a good host of the National GIAMA Implementation Technical Committee (GITC) since 2015.  Drakensberg has been identified as an ideal venue to host such a prestigious session which added value in promoting the brand of KZN Province as the tourist destination of choice.

In practice, GITC reports to and makes resolutions for endorsement by the Technical MinMEC. MinMEC refers to a committee of Ministers and Members of Executive Council.  During the proceedings, there was much progress on variety of issues in relation to uniformity in the implementation of GIAMA.  Property Development and Valuations Director at KZN Public Works Mr Nathi Zondi expressed appreciation on the success of the meeting and concluded by saying, “there were many lessons learnt on how best we can manage immovable assets in the Province.”

It may sound positive to acknowledge the mammoth task that the Directorate Immovable Assets Management is heading for in ensuring the betterment of optimal utilisation of immovable assets, land valuation, maintenance of fixed asset register, payment of property rates and integrated service delivery.  This is therefore no end for closure as there is a lot of work ahead in the near future.
The next meeting is scheduled to take place at Limpopo, but more ideas have to be put in place in advance by all participating Provinces to ensure that the objectives of GITC are realised.

Message from the MEC
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