Minister Nxesi Launches EPWP Selection And Recruitment Guidelines in KwaZulu-Natal

"The recruitment and selection of EPWP beneficiaries must be fair, transparent, equity, and with accountability" - National Minister of Public Works, Mr Thembelani Nxesi told a packed UGU Sports and Leisure Centre on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast during the launch of the EPWP Selection and Recruitment Guidelines on the 28 June 2018 which coincided with the graduation of EPWP beneficiaries from uMdoni and uMzumbe Municipalities.

The launch of the recruitment guidelines by the Minister is aimed at eliminating challenges associated with EPWP recruitment processes which posed a reputational risk for the programme due to incorrect and unfair procedures undertaken in the recruitment of participants. The Minister said in some instances this has led to EPWP opportunities being used for narrow personal or political gain. He categorically stated that this is “unethical and unacceptable, regardless of the party political affiliation of those involved”.

Minister Nxesi urged the public to report to the local structures all cases related to the abuse and unfair EPWP recruitment processes and such cases must be resolved immediately by the local structures before escalating them to the Department for further investigation.

Addressing the same gathering, the Chairperson of KwaZulu-Natal House of Traditional Leaders, INkosi PDH Chiliza said EPWP is the step in the right direction and called for the involvement of Traditional leaders to ensure fairness and transparency in the implementation of the programme. He said AmaKhosi and IziNduna have a better knowledge of desperate families that required support from the EPWP programme. INkosi Chiliza also congratulated uMdoni and uMzumbe EPWP beneficiaries who graduated with Agri-Seta NQF Level 3 Certificates after the training provide by KZN Public Works in collaboration with Wildlands Conservation Trust.

Above is INkosi PDH Chiliza Chairperson of KwaZulu-Natal House of Traditional Leaders

The EPWP Recruitment and Selection Guidelines provide guidance to EPWP stakeholders on their roles and responsibilities in the recruitment of EPWP participants; foster consistency in the recruitment of EPWP participants; provide guidance to stakeholders to ensure compliance with the recruitment procedures; and ensure transparency across all sectors in the recruitment of EPWP participants. These guidelines were approved by the Minister of Labour in December 2017 after a wider consultation by relevant stakeholders to ensure compliance with the Ministerial Determination and Code of Good Practice on EPWP.

Minister Nxesi took time for a photo-session after the YES Programme briefing by the DDG’s and KZN Provincial EPWP Coordination.


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