Public Works Transforms Urban Dynamics

In tabling Public Works 2018/19 Annual Performance Plan, MEC Ravigasen Ranganathan Pillay MPL, confirmed, “Our planning processes are firmly located in the context of our country’s transformation challenges as well as the stresses in the global environment.” Therefore, the Department builds on interventions in advancing radical socio-economic transformation and the linked objectives of eradicating poverty, inequality and unemployment.

It has been notable that the amount of urban land available for new development is shrinking while construction costs for new apartment buildings keep rising. The maintenance of existing infrastructure is a losing battle too. Leading in infrastructure maintenance and technical support, the department’s eThekwini Region is vigorous in its strategy that could help provide more affordable office accommodation. In particular, the Prince Edward Garage that is located on the fringes of the Central Business District (CBD), Ward 28 of eThekwini Municipality is converted into modern office block facility to accommodate the needs of the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Social Department, equally benefiting eThekwini North Cluster, South Cluster and the Durban Centre to serve all surrounding communities.

Message from the MEC
Public Works employs a variety of communications tools to engage its stakeholder community. Since websites are usually the first port of call, the Department seeks to maintain a site with up to date content that is of value to our diverse audiences.



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