Services in the Office of the MEC

Strategic Objectives and Ministerial Support Services

Strategic Objectives

  • Objective 1: To provide overall policy direction (both strategic and political)

  • Objective 2: To monitor and reduce security threats and risks within the department,

  • Objective 3: To achieve high level of beneficiary satisfaction and employment opportunities,

  • Objective 4: To drive the Department's participation in the alleviation of poverty in KwaZulu-Natal,

  • Objective 5: To improve the public image and the manner in which the Department is perceived,

  • Objective 6: To provide response and quick services on cabinet and parliamentary matters.

Ministerial Support Services

Provides support as stipulated in the Ministerial Handbook and the functions are:

  • Manage Ministerial appointments

  • Manage the MEC’s dairy and itinerary

  • Provide support the Executive obligations of the MEC

  • Implement, analyse and implement the Minister’s directives and instructions.

  • Deal with formal correspondences.

  • Ensure parliamentary support services

  • Attend parliamentary sittings

  • Liaise with Parliament and National Council Of Provinces

  • Attend Public Works Portfolio Committee meetings and co-ordinate Cabinet memoranda

  • Manage communication and marketing services

  • Ensure effective and efficient external and internal communication services.

  • Formulate and maintain communication programmes.

  • Provide an exhibitions and publishing service.

  • Manage Public and Media Relations

  • Arrange media briefings for the MEC

  • Act as spokesperson for the MEC

  • Research, draft and co-ordinate speeches for MEC

  • Monitor, coordinate inputs for and control of bills

  • Co-ordinate stakeholder and community liaison.

  • Manage intergovernmental relations and special projects

  • Provide administrative support

  • Manage and facilitate financial and budgetary support services.

  • Manage and co-ordinate registry services

  • Manage reception services

  • Manage driver / messenger services and

  • Manage and co-ordinate protocol services

  • Management of any additional ministerial adhoc assignments as and when applicable

Message from the MEC
Public Works employs a variety of communications tools to engage its stakeholder community. Since websites are usually the first port of call, the Department seeks to maintain a site with up to date content that is of value to our diverse audiences.



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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.