Integrated Greening Programme


The KZN Integrated Greening Programme, as the brainchild of the KwaZulu-Natal Province was officially launched on the 5th of June 2011, with the cultivation of a unique partnership amongst the KwaZulu-Natal Province, the Wildlands Conservation Trust and Business South Africa.

The project was first implemented for the Harry Gwala District Municipality (then Sisonke District Office) was and remained an ideal opportunity for the KZN Department of Public Works to continue marketing itself through the promotion of the use of sustainable energy sources that could then possibly stand as an example for future Provincial Government infrastructure planning and building design.

The Department adopted the initiative to act innovatively and positively in the face the widespread Global Warming phenomenon and Energy Crisis. Global Warming and the Energy Crisis in South Africa generally indicated the urgent need to move away from the non-sustainable use of fossil fuels as a primary energy source and for alternate sources of sustainable energy supply to be tested and utilized, especially in the built environment.

The KZN Department of Public Works therefore proposed to champion “green design” principles for all phases of this new service and to utilize the programme in setting future possible Provincial Government norms and standards for:

      • local community empowerment through their local skills and labour,

      • low energy efficient building design comprising passive solar heating and cooling,

      • natural ventilation,

      • rainwater harvesting and

      • the use, as far as possible of natural / local construction materials.

The KZN Integrated Greening Programme focuses on greening activities such as growing and planting indigenous and edible plants, collecting recyclable waste, restoring community assets, trading bicycles, water tanks and solar energy devices. Since its launch, thousands of trees have been planted and work opportunities have been created around the province. The KwaZulu – Natal Integrated Greening Programme seeks to improve the quality of life by providing positive work opportunities that contribute to environmental restoration and protection. This is a wave and pockets of achievement that the KZN IGP seeks to move on in order to foster and enhance community awareness and support.

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