Strategic Objectives

 1. Strategic objectives are areas of organisational performance that are critical to the achievement of its mission.
    They are areas that describe the strategic direction of the organisation. They directly influence the outcomes of the organisation. 
2. In its determination of its relevant strategic objectives, the Department has taken into account the Provincial 2020 Vision and the Department's Mandates.  
    The Department has discussed the Provincial Priority Areas and will emphasise specific functions where these can positively impact upon these priorities.    
    For ease of reference, the priority areas are listed as -

          a.Eradication of poverty and inequality;
          b.Managing the impact of HIV/AIDS and reducing its spread;
          c.Re-engineering and enhancing integrated service delivery in government;
          d.Investing in infrastructure;
          e.Strengthening of governance; and
          f.Human capability development.
3. The strategic objectives listed hereunder were identified and adopted by the Department.
    The attainment of these objectives must be ensured by management (led by the Head of the Department) in developing the operational plans of the


  • Objective 1: To improve service delivery,
  • Objective 2: To continuously improve the procurement process,
  • Objective 3: To ensure effective communication,
  • Objective 4: To ensure accountability,
  • Objective 5: To improve financial management,
  • Objective 6: To develop and manage a human resource strategy


  • Objective 1: To provide overall policy direction (both strategic and political)
  • Objective 2: To monitor and reduce security threats and risks within the department,
  • Objective 3: To achieve high level of beneficiary satisfaction and employment opportunities,
  • Objective 4: To drive the Department's participation in the alleviation of poverty in KwaZulu-Natal,
  • Objective 5: To improve the public image and the manner in which the Department is perceived,
  • Objective 6: To provide response and quick services on cabinet and parliamentary matters,


  • Objective 1: To develop an asset management strategy,
  • Objective 2: To develop, review and implement standard operating procedures,
  • Objective 3: To institute a Provincial preventative maintenance plan,
  • Objective 4: To develop, review and implement policies of the department,
  • Objective 5: To manage the roster for the appointment of Consultants,
  • Objective 6: To develop norms and standards for external contractors,


  • Objective 1: To provide buildings, structures and equipment to client departments timeously and according to their specifications,
  • Objective 2: To improve service delivery methodology,
  • Objective 3: To create an enabling environment for Affirmable Business Enterprises to do business with the Department,
  • Objective 4: To initiate and coordinate strategic partnerships,
  • Objective 5: To align and coordinate operational activities of the Regions in line with the Departmental strategic objectives,



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