The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Public Works (KZN Public Works) renders the following services:
The Constitution does not impose any specific mandate on the Department of Public Works. As with all Departments, it is subject to the general provisions contained therein.

Schedule 4, Part A of the Constitution provides that Public Works is a functional area of concurrent national and provincial legislative competence. This is in respect of the needs of provincial government departments in the discharge of their responsibilities to administer functions specifically assigned to them in terms of the constitution and any other law.

There are mandates within the broad statutory mandates of government institutions that guide the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Public Works’ functions. The department therefore renders the following services listed here below:

  • Infrastructure development – serving as custodian and management agent of all State Immovable Assets
  • Manage, coordinate and monitor infrastructure programmes in respect of major clients such as Health, Education, other departments and implementing agents
  • Manage the implementation of major projects in respect of major deliverables within the constraints of scope, time and cost
  • Design and analyse projects
  • Render construction project management and professional services
  • Manage and oversee the work of consultants and contractors
  • Manage, coordinate and monitor the Expanded Public Works Programme in KwaZulu-Natal
  • Manage, coordinate and monitor the Eyesizwe Contractor Development Programme (ECDP) including all emerging contractors within the province
  • Provide and facilitate the provisioning of accommodation and integrated immovable asset management services to client departments (provincial government departments)
  • Use of immovable assets optimally  and provisioning of integrated service delivery on land valuation, of fixed asset register and payment of property rates
  • Manage, facilitate and monitor the acquisition of  property on behalf of the Province of KwaZulu-Natal
  • Manage, facilitate and monitor property development and valuations, as well as disposal and letting of State Immovable Assets
  • Manage Geographic Information System and Provincial Information relative to State Immovable Assets
  • Implement and monitor (within set period terms) the following programmes:
  • Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP)
  • IzandlaZiyagezana (IZ)
  • Eyesizwe Contractor Development Programme (ECDP)
  • National Youth Service (NYS)
  • Major Projects
  • Bursary and Internship Programme
  • In-Service Training Programme
  • The Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Outreach Programme
  • National and Provincial Government-led programmes



An inclusive economy through sustainable infrastructure development and property management


To improve the life of the people in KwaZulu-Natal through sustainable infrastructure development and property management

Core Values

Intheimplementationofits mandate,theKwaZulu-NatalDepartmentofPublicWorkswillbeguidedbythe following values:




  • We all share ideas and information freely and promote a culture of openness and transparency in all our work.
  • We will facilitate access to information; always engage the communities and stakeholders in our decision-making.
  • We will respect the views of others and seek to first understand and there is a better way to be monitored.
  • We will respect the views of others, seek to understand their opinion/s and open ourselves to monitoring.


  • We are dedicated to providing high quality, appropriate progression and timely responses for all our services
  • We will seek and embrace effective leadership, innovative solutions, creativity and support, orientation to change and progressive thought.
  • We will encourage effectiveness and reward efficiency and ingenuity.

Motivated Workforce

  • We will treat all people with dignity, respect and fairness.
  • Our employees are our most valuable resource and we will invest in their growth.
  • Each employee’s contribution is essential to our collective success.


  • We will act with foresight to ensure the long-term health and wellbeing of the community we serve.
  • We will seek a balanced approach to deliver on our mandate, programmes and services in an economically sound, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible way.


  • We will seek public trust by being honest, competent and consistent in our actions.
  • We will strive for the highest standards of moral and ethical conduct.

Team work

  • We will work together to achieve common goals
  • We will share information freely, and collaborate with our stakeholders and actively engage them in our decision-making and initiatives.


  • We commit the Department staff and service providers to be accountable to the public and other stakeholders for services rendered and commitments made


Read More about the:

  • Structure of the KZN Public Works with an organogram provided per component, linking to more information about the department’s Head Office, Chief Directorates, Directorates, Units, Regions, Districts and Depots. This includes information about functions and responsibilities of managers and units. 
  • Strategic documents related to the KZN Public Works’ mission, vision and core values, and other document namely, annual reports, annual performance plans, policy speeches (budget speeches) and other related corporate strategy documents  such as departmental policies of various directorates
  • Ministry which the KZN Public Works reports to, with a brief profile and contact information, speeches and statements
  • Access to information manual
  • Procurement processes that may be found on latest tender procedures, advertised tenders, awarded tenders, cancelled bids, registration of contractors/ service providers
  • Vacancies advertised by the department



Message from the MEC
Public Works employs a variety of communications tools to engage its stakeholder community. Since websites are usually the first port of call, the Department seeks to maintain a site with up to date content that is of value to our diverse audiences.



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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.