A government that cares for the elderly

MEC for Human Settlements and Public Works Ravi Pillay addressing the elderly at the Senior Citizen’s Parliament in Portsheptone

The 2017 Senior Citizens Parliament was held in Port Shepstone under Ugu District Municipality. Thousands of senior citizens descended to the Borough Grounds eager to listen to what government has achieved and its plans for the elderly of KwaZulu-Natal.
The Citizen’s Parliament for this year was graced under the theme: “Stepping into the future with contributions and participation of senior Citizens in KwaZulu-Natal”. This platform forms part of the KZN Legislature’s public participation initiatives. It is designed to ensure that public sectors and people of KwaZulu-Natal do participate on legislative activities. These kind of initiatives are a true testimony of government’s commitment to create an environment where senior citizens are respected and looked after, especially when they echo their needs, desires and aspirations.

All MECs presented their individual progress reports on the implementation of 2016 resolutions. In his 2016/17 report, MEC for Human Settlements and Public Works, Mr Ravi Pillay reported that the KZN Human Settlements department has built 8745 houses for the elderly in the province. “I urge all senior citizens to attend community meetings especially when there is a project in the area so that when the beneficiary list is compiled the elderly should enjoy being prioritised”, MEC said.

Senior citizens will always have a special place and space in society because of their life experiences and wisdom, which can help government in certain decision-making processes. KZN Legislature continues to encourage senior citizens to participate in programmes of this nature that will aid in creating a stable and prosperous society not only for the elderly but for all.

Above: KZN Public Works senior officials were also in attendance at the Senior Citizen’s Parliament

Message from the MEC
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