Head Office ignites the spirit of Mandela day

On 18 July 2018, the Head Office staff shared their 67 minutes feeding moms and babies at East Street Clinic in Pietermaritzburg. New moms were fed a nutritious breakfast which was inclusive of a healthy filling sandwich and warm tea or coffee, juice was also served for those who preferred to enjoy their breakfast with a cold treat. Young children were given a healthy fun pack with fruit juice, muffins, fruit, lollipop and a packet of chips. The Department of Public Works even catered for infants by providing a hearty and healthy porridge, which was an absolute delight to the babies and moms present. After all the meals were eaten by the moms and babies, desert was also served. This came in the form of a delicious cake which was thoroughly enjoyed by very happy moms and children. Head Office staff outdid themselves with preparing such a lovely menu, which was an extra treat for the patients present.

A Jubilant group of KZN Public Works Head Office Staff raise their thumbs to indicate 67 minutes for Mandela Day at East street clinic

There was so much food left over from moms and babies that the staff decided to continue with sharing more love and fed more patients at the main clinic which consisted of many men and women, especially the elderly who were very excited to be served food while they waited through the long ques of the clinic. Some exclaimed, “Why today… why are we being treated so great today… why are we being fed such good food today?” Head Office staff were more than eager to share the Mandela Day story, which spread such a perceptible and joyful sentiment. There was dancing, singing, and many happy faces. The joy was distinguishable in all present.

A very happy Mrs Mkhize feeds Khethelo Mkhize her hungry 9 month old baby some healthy porridge provided by Public Works.

Mandela Day in South Africa has become known as the annual day of goodwill, where the day is spent helping others, inspiring change with just 67 minutes of your time. This Mandela day we also celebrate 100 years of Mandela’s legacy. This legacy stems on the idea that each person has the power to change the world. This very legacy is seen through the Head Office staff who served selflessly and eagerly to make a difference in the community. The spirit of Ubuntu was tangible in the staff present. Each slice of bread was buttered with a smile and love for what they were doing, and each patient served, was treated with the highest of human dignity and regard by staff.

(Above) Some of the Head Office staff preparing food for the patients.

Mrs Fikile Luthuli sharing the Mandela Day message to mothers and babies.

Indeed the spirit of Mandela day was ignited and set a light in all the patients that were served at the clinic. What was also empowering by such an initiative is the amount of young people who were there participating and paying it forward. This is a true indication of how the youth of our nation is involved in changing the lives of others and in essence, a great mirror of what the future of South Africa looks like. The Department of Public Works’ Head Office staff portrayed such a united front as staff members in total collected R3 000 as well as food parcels for this extraordinary event. Which is a true depiction of unity; indicating that even those that were unable to make it played their part through contributions. This was indeed a beautifully executed event that has insured that the initiative of paying it forward grows, and where all people in South Africa can get involved to make a difference.


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