#MidlandsBest: Regional Director Hadebe honoured employees for faithful service

On Thursday the 1st of December 2016, Public Works’ Midlands Regional Director, Mr Gcina Hadebe and his management team had quite a busy schedule of fulfilling business. As the region celebrated World Aids day on the day in question, the ‘recognition of employees’ also got augmented to form part of the highly elevated occasion to be remembered. This was part two on the sequence of events during the commemoration of World Aids day.

As the programme unfolded, Mr Hadebe’s first and profound remark of his address was “mina ngithand’ ukubona wonkumunt’ ejabule uma esemsebenzini”. The comprehension of this remark may be that ‘he would mostly feel great if every individual employee is happy or rather satisfied while at work.’ In the real part of the business world, it is imperative that every work force be proffered that equal space for job satisfaction. This may be achieved through various ways and means by an employer.

Midlands Regional Director Gcina Hadebe presenting different category awards to recipients

Midlands Regional Director Gcina Hadebe presenting different category awards to recipients

Part 2 of the programme turned out to be a ‘groovy session’. Peoples’ faces were full of smiles and their looks were quite appealing such that it could be justified to embrace the gathering as #MidlandsBest – as Regional Director Hadebe recognised employees for good performance. While testimonies were ushered by various speakers, one could feel the mood inside of being special, extra special, closer, remarkable, unique, outstanding, noteworthy, particular, exceptional, distinctive, singular, precise, uncommon, specific, complete, peculiar, home, important…the list continues…and you will have the reason to be a part of the Midlands Region fraternity.

Employee recognition is a return on an employee’s efforts, dedication and results at work. It is governed by mutual respect and is expressed regularly through a host of gestures such as ‘thank you very much’ or symbolically through receiving an award. According to Mr Hadebe, the 2016 Midlands Region Nominees for Awards is a processes that was meticulously conducted with due consideration of recognising an improved job performance by an individual employee or team.

Recipients of awards included amongst others the following:

  • Best Newcomer; Mr SW Ngidi
  • Best Team -Technical Team: Maintenance/Workshop: Amajuba District Office
  • Best Performing District Project - Glencoe House Ward 3: uMzinyathi District Office
  • Best Administrative Official – Mrs KD Mkhize: Regional Office
  • Best Administrative Component - Auxiliary Services: uMzinyathi District Offices
  • Best Support Services Official - Ms. Sharon Walker: uMzinyathi District
  • Best Frontline Official - Mr. MG Mteshana: uThukela District Office
  • Recognition Award - Mr. AB Mabaso: uThukela District Office

It must be indicated that four awards were graced under the auspices of the Regional Director. The Regional Director’s Awards were presented to their respective recipients as follows:

  • Regional Director’s Awards – Best Performing Component – Property Management
  • Best Performing District – Amajuba District Office
  • Best Performing Capital Project – Intandoyesizwe Primary School and
  • Best Performing Official - Mr. PEM Shozi: Regional Office

If you were part of the event, you would notice that there is an existing culture within Midlands Region, where ‘older employees embrace and take on younger ones and that management has been intentional about how they provide rewards or awards and benefits’.

The recognition of good performance to employees may take various formats. It may be private or celebratory but should be close to the event that earned the recognition. Furthermore, non-monetary recognition has been cited as actually improving job performance. The most exciting part is the consistent involvement of the Regional Director in recognising employees. This indeed sets standards and creates a culture of employee appreciation.

Mr Hadebe presented awards to Messrs Shozi

Mr Hadebe presented awards to Letompa


Midlands Region has raised bar further. This is a positive challenge!! Managers and leaders should consider placing it as a priority on recognising and rewarding good performance because it helps motivate employees to continue to doing better. Ultimately personnel productivity improvement within the working environment will increase.

In closure, as meals were served, guests and all employees were treated to a fun filled music extravaganza. It was dancing and entertainment all the way through. The 2016 curtain got closed and we look forward to a new leaf for 2017. It is a mark….#MidlandsBest: Regional Director Hadebe really honoured the employees for a hard earned faithful service.

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To be continued……

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